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Uncharted Men takes you on adventures outside and inside yourself.


Pricing is subject to change, but will not increase once you sign up.



Key features
  • Access to email newsletter

  • Limited access to community forums
  • Early access to pre-orders & sales



All "Starter" features +
  • Full access to community forums & chat rooms (Discord)
  • Discounts on merch, excluding sale items
  • Discounts on adventures and events

Exclusive Member


All "Adventurer" features +
  • One-on-one access to founder and ambassadors
  • Full access to exclusive content library
  • Limited edition & "exclusive member" only merch
  • Pre/post-event dinners with founder and ambassadors

 All plans include

Get involved, no matter which subscription you have.

  • Email Newsletter

    We will send out a monthly  or weekly email to share news, events, sales, and even motivational stories. We are building a community, this is how we will keep everyone informed and involved.

  • Branded Merch and Products

    Part of mental health is feeling good—We believe looking good helps in that! We love our brand, message, and mission and want you to as well, so we offer apparel to remind us of those things.

  • Discord Channel Access

    Get to know other Uncharted Men and get involved! We want everyone to feel at home and involved by talking with each other!

  • Access to Pre-Orders and Sales

    No matter which subscription you choose, there will be some type of early access to our products or events. Get it before anyone else!

See our Products

Check out what we have and get ready for more!

Have Questions?

Do I need to become a member?

Not at all, even though we recommend it.

If you are unsure about becoming a member, you are welcome to follow along on social media and see what we are all about. If we spark your interest, join our Free plan (we call it the "Starter" subscription). This will keep you in the loop.
When you feel like you need to be more involved, that's when you can join a paid subscription.

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